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  • udo betz


    Hi WB Team,

    I have one question, before I start and buy a label account:
    Is it possible, while using an online shop from your site, that I do the CD shipping by myself or do you shipping in any case?

    thank you very much , kind regards, Udo


    • mousse


      Hi Udo

      This is actually the standard way of using Wiseband, doing the shipping by yourself.

      You can even give us the shipping for part of the world, and keep some countries for yourself.


  • pizzolato sylvain


    bonjour, je ne me vois pas encore sur qobuz, estce-normal?
    estce que c’est l’adresse à communiquer ?


    • cedric



      votre album est bien sur Qobuz.
      Vous pouvez retrouver les liens de votre album sur les plateformes en cliquant sur “Actions/liens plateformes” sur la page “Distribution digitale”.

      Votre album est notamment déjà sur iTunes (tous les pays sauf Europe et USA que vous avez décochés), Starzik, Deezer, OVI…


  • Daydreamer


    Bonjour Guys,

    I was curious about the fact that there is a rumour saying that “fans” (i hate that word so i’d rather use “Supporter”) can buy music (not ringtones) by sending text message with a sms system so they could buy music just like iTunes on Wiseband?
    If so…..Damn this is 2015 I guess lol.




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