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Brisa Roché Interview : portrait of an independent artist

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Born in California in the late 70’s, Brisa Roché was raised without electricity on the northwest US coast, where she surfed the waves made by an artist mother and adventurer father. At 16, she finds herself at the peak of the Seattle grunge movement then moved to Europe where she changed universe, inspirations, dived into a jazz singer nightlife, before returning to her “singer-songwriter”roots . Shaping and transforming her voice in perpetual quest of writing the “soundtrack” to her life.


Brisa Roche 

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the music industry as an artist?

I arrived when it became very tense, there were already at this time there many layoffs and a real lack of follow up of the project by the same people , etc. . All this just became more “normal”. The shortcomings of the industry that have always existed worsened in the tension, overwork and lack of resources, I mean in the labels. The artist had to become much more independent, which can be particularly difficult to face with a drop in results. Consequently deep and healthy doubts, intrinsic to the “artist business ” gathered together in a sea of ​​doubts about the “business choices”, and worries in the marketing approach became more the responsability (and often ” fault ” ) of the artist. This means that there is virtually no shelter and the feeling of being supported has become very rare. And most importantly, there is more money around albums, concerts except in partnership with brands through synchs (and sometimes cinema ) and luxury events.

What would you say are the key talents/skills to develop a career and what advices would you give to someone wanting to get involved in music today?

On a business level I would say :
Being clear-sighted on as much details in the phases of creation / production / marketing as possible.
Say yes to everything.
You do not have weekend, evening or rest.
Document as much as you can support.
Collect your fans , their email , their faces, their names, as much as possible.
Being of an extreme politeness in your dealings with technicians, designers , stage manager etc …
even in the most brief and superficial exchanges.

Reach your full potential, even in projects that seem most satellites. Go out at night, seduce , talk, see people and bee seen. In major cities in any case, party = business.

On a more personal level , I would say :

Accept the duty to defend one’s projects ” outside ” (business , marketing , stage) , against a world of doubt and difficulty even being filled inside with own deep / artistic / personal / doubts .

Pay the price to exercise art, which means : to survive and even surf on a feeling of humiliation and failure. The artist must be able to survive and even sublimate the fact of being ridiculous, because that is how we communicate the courage to be sincere / extreme / too emotional / not nice enough / too liberal / too shy / too extravagant / not extravagant enough / offset compared to others / shifted with trendy place and time , and if we do not communicate encouragement, if one is not an example against fear , why all this?


self portrait Brisa roché

Each artist has its strengths and weaknesses. Today I would say that ” global management”, has lost of its interest . I think artists must find sharp partners according to their needs . I dreamed of somebody that could help me to defend my very different musical projects , my painting, my writing, etc. .. but now I think we need to build a broad network especially reinforced with collaborations, and cross – communication. I’m not very strong in Web communication and personally I have not taken care to collect my fans. Today I rely on teams that help me put a up a web presence that looks like me ( TEAMS ) and ( re) find my fans to offer their music, my art, and even a window directly into my creation ( WISEBAND ) .

The world is changing towards an appreciation of the multiplicity of the artist, the “personal” and varied facets are an asset now in this moment of communication and mutual voyeurism, while a few years ago, several activities would have implied a lack of control.

I finally count on enjoying my various activities by revealing as a serie on the internet and then take pleasure in creating artistic and personal “objects” to sell /offer to my fans.

Eventually  what musical projects can we expect from you in the near futur  ?

I have been hatching two albums for a while, surprising collaborations that I can not wait to unveil. One of the two will come out incognito under another name but the other group will be easy to find, under my name. I started to do a little teasing very quickly (especially with a 45 rpm that was released last fall) so you have a small peep !



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Disquaire Day – The french “Record Store Day” – April, 20th 2013

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Disquaire Day – April, 20th 2013



The event : 

The french «Record Store Day » will be on next Saturday ! This event inspired from UK & US is now gathering more than 200 record shops in France. Wiseband is partnership of the “Disquaire Day” and will officialy launch the new platform of services for artists at this date. This event is a real opportunity to look after items which still miss to your collection or to buy some collector editions of vinyls and records.


Piers Faccini will present an exclusive 45rpm vinyl introducing his next album, the french label of groove music  Heavenly Sweetness ( for wich Wiseband realizes the e-shop ) will present 3 records : a magnificent 12inch Split picture disc of Guts and Jacaranda Muse, one 45rpm of Rongetz Foundation in association with the hip-hop producer which goes up Blanka and one 45rpm of Blundetto who had not release any tracks for months. All this exclusive vinyls will be out in very limited quantities on Saturday morning at your record store, there will be not for everybody !


And thanks to the artist’s e-shops developed by Wiseband, you will get access to all albums or merchandising from their own websites for the entire year. It is also the opportunity to discover the services proposed by Wiseband to make merchandising and create e-shops for the artists and the labels.


 Merchandising of the “Disquaire Day”

If you want to get the T-shirt, the Tote Bag and the collector plectrum of the 2013 Disquaire Day edition, take a look at the official e-shop here :


The closing party of the Disquaire Day :

On Saturday, April 20th, 2013 / La Gaité Lyrique – Paris / 8:00 pm

The closing party of the Disquaire Day will take place with the support of the City hall of Paris, the radios France Inter and Le Mouv. This will be on invitations only, to get in record stores or to win with partners. Line-up : Alex Beaupain, Christine and the Queens, Girls in Hawaï, Lilly Wood and The Prick, Rubin Steiner and Wax Tailor (more information here).

Go to Wiseband’s TWEETER to win you invitations ! ( only limited quantities )

Wiseband’s official release :

Have a nice “Disquaire Day” on Saturday and do not forget to come to test the new platform Wiseband which will be on-line at this date, create your account and return your comments on the blog ! Click here to create your account !


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