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  • create packs and manage stocks

    Packs options in Wiseband allow to sell packages at a unit price still managing availability of items in stock. In the screen Products / Catalog, create a new item from “multi” or pack type. It’s still possible to change an item’s type by clicking on the type name at the bottom left.   Then in the item’s ... read more...
  • Wiseband Shipping Rates

    As of  October 11th 2013, for the Pro and Premium accounts for whom we manage inventory and shipments , we’ll apply new shipping rates for shipments of CDs , vinyl and merchandising (t-shirts , hoodies, caps, etc.). . We conduct this important change to make our commissions and income from sales by Wiseband easier to understand and ... read more...
  • Managing your orders, track shipments, inventory management and shipping.

    Wiseband allows you to sell your music and merch from your website and your Facebook page with the implementation of e- shops. So you have just set up a shop on your site and a fans start placing orders … What to do?In this article you will find everything there is to know about managing your ... read more...

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