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Wiseband gives you the keys to create an effective Spotify profile and access to your statistics. Spotify is the largest streaming platform in the world with 50 million subscribers, it’s important to create an effective artist profile to allow your fans to follow you. In addition Spotify has a powerful tool to access a lot of statistics about your songs. We will help you create a relevant profile and then discover the Spotify For Artists tool to analyze your statistics.  

1- Your profil

A – Ask your “Artist” profil on Spotify
If you don’t have a Spotify account click here.
B – Your profil (photo & cover)
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The dimensions :


Picture size: 2048 x 2048 px Diameter of the circle: 1834 px

Cover: 3840 x 2160 px

C – Bio

It is not possible to directly modify your biography, Spotify relies on Rovi to retrieve data. You can apply here.

D – Concerts

You can sync Songkick to your Spotify account to see your concerts on your artist profile Spotify.


2- Your statistics

With Spotify For Artists you can access a large number of statistics. We will introduce you to the main ones.

A –  Monthly Auditors



With their Spotify tool, you can see the number of listeners per month and the number of people listening to you live.

B – Countries of listening

It is possible to see by country where your titles are listened to.

C – Listening Cities
More precise than listening by country, that by city. This data seems very relevant to us, since it allows us to see the number of people listening to you by city. This is a useful tool to plan your tours and concerts or convince a place to make you play. Spotify offers many other tools that we invite you to discover.  

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