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Packs options in Wiseband allow to sell packages at a unit price still managing availability of items in stock.
In the screen Products / Catalog, create a new item from “multi” or pack type. It’s still possible to change an item’s type by clicking on the type name at the bottom left.wb-creationpack1


Then in the item’s options, click in the “bundle” select area, and choose from the items list the ones to include in the pack.



Weight and available quantity of the bundle are calculated from sngle items from the pack, an are the ones applying in the order cart. If one item from the pack is available without stock management, the pack will be available whatever the quantity available for this product (for example while waiting for restocking or product releasing). When a model type product is added to a pack, the pack’s models are automatically created from the item’s models. Changes to the item’s models are not possible then, unless deleting the product from the pack and adding it later (previous pack’s models are deleted in that case).

For Artists and Labels using or stocking and fulfilment services, update of inventory quantities are always done by Wiseband when receiving the products. However it’s still possible to sell products by setting then as “available” without stocks management.

For Artists and Labels dealing with fulfilment by themselves and wishing to use our advanced stocks management options, a custom setting has to be added to their Pro Wiseband account. Contact for this.

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