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It is a lot of work to create music from conception till recording the final version and mixing and mastering it. In order to maximize the reach and popularity of your music however, the work and time after preparing a track/album is just as crucial. So what should an artist do in order to make sure that happens? Here are some tips to better prepare your music for digital distribution:

1. Be patient and prepare in advance

These days your single can be on every major digital music platform with just a few clicks and can be heard across the globe. While this is very exciting, it also leads many artists to release their track without much preparation as soon as their single is ready. Bad idea! Allow at least three weeks time to prepare the release of your single properly. In these three weeks, take care of things such as: metadata, song title/s, pricing and pre-order/pre save strategy etc. 

2. Prepare your press kit

Your press kit is a very valuable tool to target playlists and audiences on digital platforms. Sharing your tracks with us well in advance also gives us time to help you with this targeting. 

Before your release, you can start writing to music blogs, curators, media, press, influencers, radio, social media, advertising agencies: You will need a biography, song context, social media links- a story about your music and what makes it sound so good! The flip side of digital music platforms’ accessibility and ease to use is that everyday a lot of releases take place in your genre globally, so you and we have to find out what makes you different.

3. Be realistic

While nothing will make us happier than seeing all our artists on top of every major playlist on Spotify or Apple music; reality is, if you’re releasing your first single and have performed only a few concerts in your hometown, it may not happen. But hey! You have just begun your music career on digital platforms so let’s start by building some audience and following. Step by step, if the best music from you keeps on coming, platforms won’t be able to ignore your music.

4. Teasers and pre save links

Teasers work well and with pre save links that we create for you, they can really help in creating a build up for your next release!

5. Time your releases properly

Did we say ‘be patient’ already? If you have multiple singles to release, one single/month is more than enough. More than that may really harm your promotion strategy and if you have read this article till here, you kinda have an idea how important that is by now. 

These were some of the tips that we think can really help launching your first release. The time before the release although very crucial is also very exciting! There is nothing that we enjoy more than working personally with a new artist and be a part of this excitement at every single step. So get in touch with us, ask us questions and share your concerns! We will be there with you at every single step! We promise! 

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