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Wiseband allows you to sell your music and merch from your website and your Facebook page with the implementation of e- shops.
So you have just set up a shop on your site and a fans start placing orders … What to do?
In this article you will find everything there is to know about managing your orders and inventory.


Mail order conditions :

Conditions of Wiseband sale cart comply with mail regulation in France and state that:

– Purchases can be refunded after return of the order , in the same condition and packaging (for CDs) , postage to be paid by the purchaser.

– In case of a delivery problem , the order will be redirected back after the initial order (ie not in case of loss or theft ) , the additional shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller, unless default in purchaser address .


Tracking :

Tracking orders and shipments is accesable from the “sales” page , ” WB Orders ” tab.

You can choose to see this page on your ” in progress ” and ” commands sent ” using the drop down menu at the top of your control panel .

When a command appears in your orders you have to  validate sending by post of this command by right-clicking your order on the ” Actions ” and then ” order details ” menu. You can then view all your order details ( relevant articles , shipping address … ) and click on “Send Order”. In case of check payment, you will first validate the order by clicking on the button provided for this purpose .

Orders will appear in the “order sent” list. The list of all your commands sent is also available for download . Csv format by clicking on ” Generate a list of commands sent in csv format “.

For free accounts , e -mail given to buyers on Wiseband windows and in the order confirmation mail address is your e -mail address. For Artist and Label accounts  it is the Wiseband address, this means that we take care of tracking orders and relationships with buyers. This function allows you to make a first quality support . In case of delivery problems by mail order , Wiseband sends you emails buyers and ensures that a response is given to them quickly.

Managing your items and your inventory :
Wiseband can also take over the management of your mailings and your inventory for an additional fee of 16% of the selling price of items HT.

So you benefit from our expertise in carrying parcels and consignments as well as more advantageous for delivery by Colissimo rates, shipping is deducted from your sales records for the price actually paid to La Poste, excluding VAT if applicable .

Sending vinyl in particular is done with the utmost care, with special packaging.

To benefit from this service, you must send us an initial stock , which remains your property, but we guarantee the integrity ( in case of fire , theft or water damage ) for the unit value you specify in the page ” Products / Product “


Shipping calculation :

Shipping costs are based on default based on the weight of the order, for a departure in France only ( demand for foreign countries) .

In your account options (Page “My Account” “settings” tab, under ” edit account settings “), you can also set the standard shipping costs , plus an amount from which charges are offered.

Calculating the weight of the order takes into account a default weight of the category of each item are as follows: CD : 100g ; DVD : 100g , LP (vinyl) : 200g , T-shirt : 100g ; Double CD : 150g , Double DVD : 150g ; Double LP : 200g ; Ticket : 10g ; Poster: 20g ; Keychain : 20g ; Score : 100g .

You can enter a specific weight for each item by visiting the ” Products / Product ” page and clicking ” Actions / Modify ” and then “Options” , this weight will be taken into account instead of the default weight of the category .
Following the same steps you will have access to other options , you can enter a special prize will be added to the shipping costs regardless of the weight of the item . But also choose to send an item only by Colissimo in France and Post Export / Colissimo abroad.

A weight of 25g to an envelope for PostExport 50g and 250g for a package is added to the weight of the order for packaging.
You can consult the grid shipping charged for your items cds , vinyl and merchandising ( t- shirts , hoodies, caps, etc. ) from France, according to the weight and type of shipment on the following link : postal rates.

Shipping to foreign differ depending on the area . Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the areas.


Downloads sales set-up :

Once on the Wiseband back office in your account options (Page “My Account” “settings” tab, under ” edit account settings “), you can also configure the duration for which a user that has purchased a download song on your shop can download and / or allow a buyer to only download the song once he has bought the tune.


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