How to improve your Deezer profile

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How to ?

Send us a message at with the following informations :

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– Link to artist page on Deezer

– Banner: 1800×230 – max file: 6MB

The essential image / wording should be concentrated either in the centre, far left or far right, to be viewable in full on small screens.

– Profile pictures: 500×500 – max file 3MB

If a banner is uploaded, the profile picture disappears from the web artist page.
However, the picture will be displayed on mobile, in the charts, on user profiles etc…

– Facebook page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)

– Twitter page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)

– Bios : No length restrictions. Can be provided in as many languages as there are on the service.

– Playlists: Max 2 playlists can be displayed on the profile.

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