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The Wiseband app for Facebook lets you add a Music tab to your Artists’ Facebook pages do display a customizable Wiseband page.
This tab can feature several tabs  : “Video | Music | E-shop | Concerts | Contact”, a perfect solution to promote and sell your music on the main social platform.
Here are some exemples of our tab used : – Talisco Facebook shopGrèn Sémé Facebook shop If you don’t have a Facebook page, create one here : http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php or transform a Facebook profile to a page, that may be better to build your page’s first audience. Here are the steps to create your Music tab on your Facebook page : In Wiseband admin console : 1) First check you already created the Wiseband widgets your want to use  in your page (player / shop / concerts ) 2) Create your Wiseband Artist’s Page (tutorial here : https://blog.wiseband.com/band-fm-artist-page/) 3) Display this artist page on your Facebook page Keep in mind that what you display on Facebook is a Wiseband artist’s page !   You could personalize your page and choose the options you want to display on your Facebook tab (player, e-shop, concerts, video etc.)   Step 1:  Create a new Wiseband “component”. This step depends on your contents and your desires :   – If you want to integrate music into Facebook, you have to create a playlist with this button :  Menu > Promotion > Player to share > Create a new playlist or Wiseboard > Publish a music player  (faster way)   – If you want to sell your products on Facebook, you have to create your products first :  Menu > Products > Catalog > Create a new product then, you have to create a shop which will include the products :  Menu > Products > E-shop > Create a new E-shop    – If you want to display your next concerts, you have to create the events with:  Menu > Promotion > Concerts  then in the page  “Create an event”   Step 2 : Create an artist page firstly, if you don’t have one. (Tutorial here: https://blog.wiseband.com/band-fm-artist-page/)  Menu > Promotion > Artist page > Create a new page Here it is possible to display several things: a banner, a background picture, a player etc. Warning : on Facebook, some artists’ pages functionalities are not available. Indeed, it is about space and  aesthetic homogeneity on Facebook, such as background color and picture.     By ticking or not the on / off button, you display or hide the component. By ticking some components, informations will appear and allow you to choose the Wiseband product you want to display. Do not hesitate to try all of these components ! Then, click on Save.   All of the artists’ pages have a personalized URL, which includes your band name and your page name : ex: http://www.band.fm/theprocussions/music You can modify the name of your page and even your band’s name “written” using the band settings options. So you can share on the social networks a URL that display a page containing your music, products etc. This page itself can be shared also !   The artist pages you create can be display on Facebook, following the next step.   Step 3 : Frow now on, you just have to display this artist page on your Facebook tab ! Install the Wiseband app. You will be directed to Facebook. Click on “I’m an artist“. iamanartist You will have to be connected to your Wiseband account, if you are not already. If you are connected on Wiseband, the list of the Facebook pages you manage appears with a button pointing out if your Wiseband artist’s page are displayed. Firstly, choose the Facebook page you want the artist’s page to be displayed on, by clicking on “Page not set for Wiseband shop“. mybands   You can only associate one Wiseband artist page to one Facebook page at once. When a Wiseband artist’s page is already associated to your Facebook page, the app button appears in blue color with the comment “Assigned band: … ” like here with the second band. Choose the Facebook page of the band you want to add a new Wiseband tab on, again, then click on “Valider“.   page_is_set_with
  Choose the Wiseband Artist’s page you want to display in your tab : select_page   ok   Here you are, your music is on Facebook. You can visualize it with Go to your Facebook tab, or customize it by adding new tabs, a banner… The Wiseband music tab has been added to your Facebook pages and you can easily post music players to your fans and drive traffic to your Facebook shop.   See you soon !

Monetize your music on Youtube

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Wiseband expands its distribution offer and welcomes a new partner : YouTube, the largest platform for video hosting. Available all around the world, YouTube is an essential space for listening and watching music. With 500 million videos viewed each day in 2015, YouTube can help you reach a wide audience and get your music discovered. > How it works? What Wiseband offers you today is to identify your music on all the videos posted on Youtube. If you choose this option, the audioprints of your music will be transmitted by Wiseband to Youtube. So that all the videos that could use an extract or a whole piece of your music will be detected. This includes your own videos as well as those issued by a third party, for example, a person who uses your music to illustrate his personal video. Concretely that means that the videos that include your music can be monetized. That is to say that the content that appears on YouTube is monetized when an advertising is associated to it. > How to monetize a video? So you can earn money when a video that includes your music is associated with an advertising. In this case you will receive a share of advertising revenue generated by the video. Please note that the monetization of your videos on Youtube is not automatic. Furthermore, the amount of advertising revenue depends on advertising investment and on the number of viewings of these ads. So, it can dramatically vary from one video to another. > How to put your music on Youtube ? New releases : If you are not distributed by Wiseband yet, just go on the “Distribution” page of your Wiseband tab, then click on “Distribute an album / single on digital platforms ». Releases already distributed : If you are already distributed by Wiseband on the digital platforms, you just have to go to the “Distribution” page on Yozik.com, tab “Items”, then click on “metadata summary” and then add the platform. > In practice You chose to distribute your music on Youtube and have selected this platform among those proposed by Wiseband. When you confirm your choice of platform, the following window appears : youtube Read attentively this text, we ask you to guarantee that you hold the exclusive rights of your music by ticking the box in front of each track of which you hold the copyrights. You can not use the Youtube service if you are under a Creative Commons license and if you use extracts free from rights or covers (can’t be used for the Youtube distribution : covers, samples, work in the public domain, sound bank…). > Your distribution has been confirmed We send the audioprints of your music to Youtube that receives it under 48 hours. The Youtube robot is then in charge of the identification and monetization of your music. If you have already posted some videos with you music on Youtube, you will receive a claim from Youtube indicating that Wiseband demand the rights on your video(s). If you receive this kind of message do not reinstate the claim. It is actually Wiseband that demand the rights on your video(s) on your behalf. This permits the monetization and identification of your music on all the videos posted on Youtube. You will find information about the distribution of your music on the main download platforms (iTunes, Fnac, Virginmega, Amazon.com, Nokia, Napster) and streaming (Deezer, Spotify, Simfy), on our blog at: Sell your music on iTunes, Virginmega, Fnac, Amazon, Deezer, Nokia, Spotify, Napster, Starzik, 7Digital, Simfy, YouTube

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