Digital Royalties : Where do they come from ?

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Dear digital musicians, 

Before starting a digital distribution, you’re always asking yourself : “On which music platforms my song will be the most listened ?”, or not ?

For the first time, you’ll have an idea about your question. It’s important to notice that, this article is an extract from my work The New Music Economy (David Raimbaud, 2014) and deals with Artists and Labels distributed by Wiseband. It doesn’t give informations about tarification policy of platforms or give any conclusions about wages of independent Artists or Labels. It helps you to understand the distribution of artists’ royalties distributed by Wiseband. 

The goal is to give you a screenshot of the artists’ revenue structure from Wiseband. 

Distribution of royalties-platforms wp

 chart made by David Raimbaud from Wiseband’s data

« Others » are : Google Play, Qobuz, Virgin Mega, Qriocity (SMU), Rhapsody, eMusic, 7Digital, Starzik, OVI Nokia, Rara and Simfy.

What we learn is that the majority of royalties are coming from a minority of platforms. Indeed, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Youtube represent 86% of Royalties. If we add Amazon, those five platforms concentrate 94% of total Royalties.

This study shows us the oligopolistic part of the market where a few number of platforms concentrate the major revenues of the industry. The “Others” platforms represent only 6% of total Royalties. 

Hope that this chart will help you to understand your future royalties with Wiseband.

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Shop Label Atmosphériques

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Founded in 1996 by Marc Thonon, the independent Label Atmosphériques is well known for his eclecticism. From pop/rock to electro music, the Label work with a broad range of artists.  Louis ChedidAs Animals, Malo’Didier Wampas, Charlie Winston, Medi or Rivière Noire are working with the Label.

The new website is online with an online-shop provided by Wiseband :



New Metronomy online store!

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If you are looking to purchase the new Metronomy album on Deluxe Vinyl edition, all over print Tee shirt, sunglasses..
the band just launched their new store !



Metronomy new store



With another 3 years passed since their “English riviera” masterpiece , Metronomy arrives with another rearview glance at pop and rock history, aging backwards into a space between late psych and early glam with a bit of  Kinks mixed with a flavor of mature indie-dance. With a sharp edge and meticulous production and already gearing up for the charts, Love letters could possibly be the essential pop record of the summer.

Collectors packs including Deluxe vinyl (+free CD), all over print tee shirts as well as previous releases  and merchandising are available directly from the band’s website . Right after completing your order you will receive a download link for every LP/CD purchase.

 Metronomy’s online store is powered by Wiseband and we are very proud to start shipping worldwide a first palet 

palet Metronomy


of  Deluxe 180 gram Vinyl (with CD enclosed)    

embossed cover + poster included (lyrics )


Love letters 

Whether we are shipping near or far we take extra care of  packaging conditions and you can choose from a serie of convenient shipping and delivery options dedicated to vinyls. Wiseband will ship your orders and our rock solid customer service will send confirmation e-mail and handle any question or claim.

Congratulations to all Metronomy’s fans who bought their Lps online from the band’s website!

You can get your copie now from  and  Because Music shop

Vinyl renaissance for music artists and fans

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Here at  Wiseband we’ve noticed in the last few months an ever-growing vinyl demand and we’re glad to assist bands and labels that are willing to sell vinyl using direct to fans tools.




Tech objects live with us today 24/7, they guide us, they are heavy, light, cheap, demanding. They help us, dominate us, make us grow, they allow us to travel through our modern world through the use of our laptops, our  mp3 players, our smartphones, our headphones, our  tablets or tv set..

Invented 130 years ago and mass-produced alongside the 20th century the old vinyl format slowly faded away when laser turntable was introduced in the 80’s and only supported by audiophiles, collectors, electronic and hiphop artists. At time considered as an artefact of retromania and in spite of their flaws, such as expensiveness and the lack of portability, vinyl records have gained enthusiastic supporters lately and are about to become the format of choice for more and more music fans. Vinyl sales are growing fast, they were up 33.5 % in the US last year where the music business as a whole continues to suffer and decline.

Two years ago, multi grammy awarded rocker Jack White’s Blunderbuss was top seller LP in the U.S. The album was put out through his Nashville-based Third Man Records( label, retail outlet and online store) and sold over 33,000 units.

Conceived in 2007 Record Store Day has been playing a key role in today’s vinyl boom as it as encouraged artists and labels to  release special vinyl exclusively for the day. Of the 544,000 indie store albums sold weekly last year around Record Store Day , 244,000  were vinyl LPs .As Record Store Day releases are exclusively available from local independent record stores, it’s natural to see the sales volume at indie retailers increase dramatically.

2014 edition should see the release of limited vinyl edition by such great acts as the cure&dinosaur Jr, django django, foals, david bowie, black lips etc…

It is said that about 25 million vinyl discs were pressed in the United States last year, and many more in Europe and Asia, including some destined for the American market as reported at  last midem by head of  sales at MPO  french leader in vinyl manufacturing.

Sales of vinyl albums in the UK are at a 15 year high, according BPI 780,000 vinyl albums were sold in 2013, the highest number since 1997. A number of big-name artists have contributed to the vinyl resurgence, with huge releases from proving irresistible to vinyl collectors, and becoming the biggest sellers of the past 12 months.

So why is vinyl enjoying such a growth?

-There’s the perception that vinyl sounds warmer and is more human

-Vinyl has become a cooler, hipper alternative to the ubiquity of the digital download, there’s a great romance about putting something on a turn table and dropping down the needle

-Buying and listening to vinyl sometimes demonstrates that one is a serious music listener and often a commitment against the global download industry.

-LP have become a part of merchandising and and is now everywhere to be seen from record store to merch tables.

-Instant gratification on artists shops such Because music as Amazon Autorip’ which provides free wav/mp3 versions of any vinyl or CD bought ,allowing clients to enjoy the full scope of their purchase across digital media as well on their record player.

“There’s the obvious impact of Daft Punk release this year ” Paul Firth( ) explains: “There is an element of it being trendy, but beyond that there’s a general support for vinyl amongst the labels right now. Most big releases come with a vinyl edition now, four of the top five albums are new releases and the other is a pre-release that’s just been announced “

It is also interesting to note the shift toward mainstream as Warner music, which has recently partnered with Record Store Day,  are due to release on vinyl 500 titles a year encompassing all genres.

What is in it for the independent artist ?

Today , anybody that’s on a decently sized label is going to be releasing everything on CD, digital and vinyl, so there’s rarely anything new that you can’t find on vinyl now.

A lot of new artists are using vinyl as a way to give their fans a physical product and a lot of artists will sell their vinyls at their concert and during tour and still give a digital download as well to fans who buy the vinyl.

American hip hop group based in Los Angeles the Procussions have been touring extensively in Europe lately where they returned to promote their latest album. Having used Diy tools and services for a long time, Jason Medeiros explained his vision
and how they managed to grow their fan base and sales in Europe with Wiseband.

“Artists are truly independent now, functioning as a small business. Artists need to know as much as possible about their fan base and how to reach them.Having a relationship with a distributor/merchant/manufacture has been extremely advantageous and cost effective. Wiseband makes the merchandising logistics easy from this distance and it saves us a lot of money. Shipping items from the States to Europe was a heavy responsibility which took away from revenue, having these items available upon getting off the plane is a game changer”

California based singer songwriter Brisa Roché also relies on Wiseband team according to her needs. She recently put out her first limited edition 7″ vinyl by the name of .. VINYLIZE  and selling it to her fans on Facebook


Why use Wiseband ?

Using  Wiseband’s dedicated services and tools have enable many artist to  :

-Design, order and manufacture CDs, vinyl or merchandising (

-Start selling vinyl online on their website, facebook and marketplace (along with digital, CD, merch)

-Collect vinyl fans emails with download codes (

-Benefit from full commercial and logistic services (from pre-orders to processing orders,storage, worldlwide shipment,inventory)

– Rely on a rock solid customer service


Any questions on how to get your vinyl copies out, manufacture and sell your LPs,CDs and merch in europe, please dont hesistate to get in touch with us!


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