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Receive payments on your Paypal account

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Wiseband give you the possibilty to collect the payment of your sales directly on your Paypal account.
If you don’t want to open a Paypal account, it is not a problem, you can propose this means of payment on your e-shop and let Wiseband collect the amout of your sales on its Paypal account. These sales will be then put back to you monthly.
To receive your payments directly on your Paypal account you must have a Premier” or “Business” Paypal account :
– If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can create it easily here.
– If you already have a Paypal account, you must upgrade it to a “Premier” or “Business” account
Here are the different steps to configure your account and receive directly your payments :
1. On your Paypal account, go in the tab My Account/Profile/selling preferences/Instant Payment Notification, notify this address:


If you have an oldest account, the  “Preferences” page will appear like this: (click on image to enlarge)


Wiseband does not take commission on the sales collected on your Paypal account, but you have to pay the Paypal commission (a 3,5% + 25 cents + foreign exchange commission)

If you don’t have a Paypal account, or if this one is not configured correctly, the Paypal payments are collected on Wiseband account and will be given back to you according to our payment conditions

Artist and Label accounts can also accept the payments by Caisse d’Epargne (credit cart).

2. To avoid your buyers being obliged to click on Wiseband cart at the end of their payments, for example to reach the music they bought, you can configure the option  My account/Profile/Hosted payment setting/Website payment preferences with the following URL location:


Create a digital product on your Wiseband account

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Wiseband gives you the possibility to sell your music and your merchandising directly to your fans with our e-shop that you can insert on your Website and your Facebook page. Before setting up your e-shop you have to create the items you want to sell on it. This tutorial explains how to create a digital item on your Wiseband account (for more information about the creation of a physical item please refer to the tutorial “create a physical item on your Wiseband account”). > Step 1 : Choose the type of item you want to create wiseboard When you log on to your Wiseband account you are redirected on your Wiseboard. Click on “Add an item”.
You can also create an item from the page “Products”/”Catalog” of your account, then by clicking on “create a new item”. A new page appears and you can choose the type of item you want to create. To create a Digital album click on “Audio”.
typeofproduct You can now see the different types of items that you can create as digital : single, Ep or album typeofproduct1 Click on the type of item you want to create, let’s take the example of an album, you arrive then on the page where you can set up your item. > Step 2 : The main characteristics of the item englishalbum  
Here, you can indicate the name of your item, insert a cover by clicking on “Image”, you can also fix your price. The default price is €15, you can modify it by indicating directly the price you want for your item. By choosing the box “Free Price” you allow your customers to fix themselves the amount of your item. By selecting “Free Download” you give free access to your item. The button “Upload the tracks” permits you to upload digital files on this item.
> Step 3 : Upload your files Choose in the window which is opening, the tab “Send files”. Then “Select or drop files here” to upload files from your computer to your Wiseband account. upload When the files are loading, you will see a yellow downloading bar appearing. chargement   All the files are loaded, you are redirecting to the tab “Audio Files”. By selecting the type of the file that you have just uploaded (mp3, wav, flac) you will see your files in green color appearing. biblio Select the files you want to add in the article by clicking on it (the file color will turn to grey) then by clicking on the bottom of the window on “Select this file”. (Press Ctrl or Cmd to select several files) All the files that you will select will turn red on your article. You can change the tracks order by clicking on them & drag-and-drop them as you want. You can also change the title/or the price of the tracks by clicking on the name of every track. articlecharge > Step 4 : The secondary features of the product To fulfill the features of your article, click on « + Options » CaracteristiquesArticle2 You can describe the product in the case « Description », many langages are available. That is what your buyers are going to see when they will look for the product in your e-boutique. That is also where you can indicate the release date of your product and eventually, a pre-order date if you choose this option.   > Step 5 : Valid the creation of your article Before saving your article, you have to check your data. Once the article saved, you can find it in the list of your articles created by going to the page “Products / Catalogue” of your Wiseband account. By clicking on the plus you can see all the uploaded tracks on your article. The main informations are visible here. From this point, you can modify this article whenever you want by clicking on the title you want to change in your list, or in the drop-down menu “Actions” and “Modify”. articlefini     See you soon ! The Wiseband team

Distribute your music on digital platforms

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You want to sell your music on the digital platforms? 

Wiseband offers a wide choice of platforms (iTunes, Virginmega, OVI (Nokia), Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Starzik, 7 Digtital, Simfy, Qobuz, Google Play etc.). Here is a tutorial that explains step by step how to distribute your music on the digital platforms.

 Step 1 : Create your item

In order to sell your music on the digital platforms, you have to create first an item on your Wiseband account by clicking on the “Products” page, tab “Catalog“, then “Create a new item“.

Each time you see the symbol  during the creation of your album, you can pass your mouse over it to get particular information about the current step.

Choose the type of digital audio item you want to create in the aim to a digital distribution on the platforms (track, Ep, album) then upload your tracks.


 Once created, your item appears in the “Catalog” page of your account.

Step 2 : Start the Distribution process

You can start the distribution process of your item by two different ways :

– From the “Products“/”Catalog” page of your Wiseband account, then by clicking in the “Actions” menu of your item on “Distribute“.

– From your “Products” page, tab “Digital distribution“. Then by clicking on “Distribute an album/single on the digital platforms“. 

The list of the digital albums that you have created appears, select the one you want to distribute on the platforms and click on “Distribute“.

 Step 3  : Metadata

For the next three steps (metadata entry), in case of error, the erroneous fields will appear in red. For further information about the error, place your mouse over the red text and this piece of information will be displayed. You’ll be able to proceed to next step only when this error will be corrected.

  • Album metadata

1- Indicate the title of your album and only the title of the album. 

2- Insert your album cover by clicking on “Logo”. Its size must be at least 1448*1448 pixels and it must be squared. Your image must be in a JPEG format.

3- Enter the bar code (EAN code with 12 figures for United States, Canada, etc or UPC code with 13 figures for Europe). If you don’t have any bar code for this album, Wiseband will generate one automatically.

4- Enter the digital sales date, as well as the label name for the album (if you are auto-produced, tick the corresponding box).

5- The main genre (mandatory) and the secondary genre (highly recommended) of your album, are to be entered.

6- Finally, in the field “Production notes”, put the information you wish to communicate to platforms concerning the production of the album (name of the recording studio, the producer, the director).

  • Album tarcks metadata


From here, it is possible to return at any time to make a modification to a previously informed element thanks to the button “return”.

1- For the titles, rename or correct according to the name of the indicated linked file (in green above). They are not necessarily in the order you had given during the first step. To classify them in the order you want, slide the track to the desired position.

2- You need at least one author or one composer by track. If you have several composer-songwriters, separate names with a comma without space in between (example: Author1,Author2,Author3).

3- You can indicate a version and/or a featuring to track in the box reserved for. 

4- By clicking on poubelle you deactivate your track. It will not appear on the digital platforms. If you want to reactivate your track click on fleche.

You will see in blue under each track a preview of the track as it is going to be displayed on the platforms. 

  • Album tracks optional metadata

For the optional metadata, indicate them only if you have the information. Should the opposite occur, skip this step.
We remind you that the ISRC code is the code attributed by the SPPF or SCPP (producers’ labor unions) and that the ISWC code is the code attributed by the SACEM. These are attributed to each track.

If you have explicit words in your tracks (which can shock the youngest people), tick the box “Explicit Lyrics” (mandatory).

Do not tick the box SACEM if it is not deposited to the SACEM and that the authors are not registered on it or if the piece is part of the public domain (you can verify this information with the SACEM).

Step 4 : Choice of platforms

Here, you can choose which platforms you want to distribute your album on, as well as, for iTunes, the sale prices you want for your album on this platform. The price chosen will appear only on the platform.

  • Youtube

If you have chosen Youtube amongst your digital platforms you will ask to confirm that you have own the copyrights on the tracks you want to distribute.

Step 5 : Summary of your datas

Verify all the datas are exact.
Every request of modifications of metadatas and price for an album or single already sent to platforms, not requiring a withdrawal then a return, is charged of 10€ including tax. In the case the request requires the withdrawal and the return of a single or an album, it will be asked to make a new distribution (29€ including tax).

Step 6 : seller informations

Enter the requested fields.

Step 7 : Digital distribution agreement

Don’t forget to tick the box “I do accept the digital distribution agreement”.

Step 8 : Payment


If you have a promo code you can use it now (1 distribution on the digital platforms is offered with an Artist account). Click on “next step” to proceed to payment.

Finally, validate your payment for the on-line publishing of your album. You can pay by: credit card, Paypal, check.

An approximate 3/4 weeks will be necessary between the sending of your album and its on-line publishing on all the platforms (a few days for iTunes, 1 week for Deezer, Virginmega, Starzik and up to 4 weeks for the other platforms).

Shops powered by Wiseband

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In the section Artists of our blog, we will regularly introduce a shop of an artist, label or festival that uses Wiseband to sell its music and merchandising.

For the first post on this category, we are happy to show you a few ones :

Manu Chao



Selah Sue


Couvre Feu Festival


To make those (beautiful) shops, we used Wiseband API to display several shops on the artist’s site (Tee-shirt, CD/mp3, and goodies) in php from XML Wiseband shops, like this one
Amongst all the advantages of this solution (that requires a few hours of integration), pages have explicit URLs and their content is visible by search engines.

See you soon !

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