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migration complete

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[WISEBAND] bug hunting The migration of our infrastructure to our friends at Clever Cloud is now complete and you can access your Wiseband console. This update will allow us to welcome many more artists and music, and implement new tools that you may like to have! In the meantime, thank you for sharing with us the bugs you trace, in the comments section here, on chat or by email.

scheduled maintenance

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[WISEBAND] Service disruption We are updating our infrastructure. This important operation is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd at 9am (CET). During the day, the Wiseband console will be inaccessible. Other services such as shops, carts, pages and registration and download forms will be reachable, however may experience little disruptions. Welcome news servers !

New Streaming Statistics

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We just published the statistics page on your Wiseboard, menu “My Account” or “more details” below the daily streams section, in order to provide with detailed statistics of your distributions on streaming platforms.

This page gives you details of streams by Artist (for Label accounts) and track, over platforms, country, usage (free/premium) and gender.
You can select a period then click on RESET pour reload the stats, also to reset after selecting an Artist or Track.

For now only Spotify, Deezer and Apple music are available, for the 60 last days.
We’re going to add other platforms as soon as their API are available.

We hope that this will be usefull to track your promotions impact on platforms and countries, and your comments are really welcome to tell which type of stats we should add, for exemple : sales (partly available from the Sales tab), fans (on Wiseband along with your social networks) or visits on your shop.



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