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My title appears on another artist profile, discover the artist mapping.

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The artist mapping to show your title on the right artist profile.

What is it?

In short, artist mapping is the referencing of your artist page on digital platforms.
More precisely the link between your releases (single, EP, albums) and your artist pages on the different streaming services.

Concrete case of a problem related to artist mapping : 

First of all, you have already distributed a single, an EP or an album on streaming platforms with Wiseband or another distributor.
It turns out that you are not the only artist with the same name.
And indeed, on the day of your release you realize that your single/EP/Album is attached to another artist profile.

To avoid this problem at all costs, think “artist mapping”:

A/ Make sure you fill in your existing Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music artist pages beforehand. You can do this using the form provided when you fill in your metadata for the item. This way we can check for duplicates before your release.  

To get the links to your artist pages: 

On Spotify:

If in doubt about Spotify you can apply directly here.

On Deezer : 


On Apple Music: 

B/ To avoid handling this, we can advise you on the choice of a new name for your project, a unique name with which you can be easily identified.

C/ If you face any issue, or if a third party artist appears on your profile. Please contact us at, the problem will be solved within 48-72h. 


For albums featuring, check in advance if each artist already has a page, if so, it will be necessary to inform the pages of the two artists if they have previous releases. 
This step should be part of your preparation for the release. 

All in all, the simplest thing to do is to choose a unique and easily identifiable artist name.  
No need to do like the unpronounceable techno artist SHXCXCHCXSH. But a little research on the platforms can quickly solve the problem!

Up to your imagination 😉


New streaming statistics

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Discover our new streaming statistics page. 

We have just published the statistics page on the Wiseboard. “My Account” menu or “more details” below the daily streams.
This is to provide you with more details of your distributions on streaming platforms.

This page allows you to get a detail of the streaming statistics. By Artist (for Label accounts) and by title, displayed by platform, by country, by use (free / premium) and by genre. You can select a period then click on RESET to reload the stats.

As well as to reset after selecting an Artist or a title. For now only Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music have been available for 60 days. We will be adding more platforms as their APIs become available.

We hope you find this useful in tracking the impact of your promotions on each platform / country, and your feedback is welcome to tell us what type of stats we should add. For example: sales (already accessible from the Sales tab), fans (on Wiseband and / or on your social profiles) or visits to your stores.


How to get an official Spotify playlist?

Written by Alex on . Posted in News

It’s time to find out how to get an official Spotify playlist!

This is the great news for the promotion of your future Wiseband releases! You can now submit your new tracks live to the Spotify editorial team!

This new method will allow you to give your creations more visibility.
How ? By appearing in the official playlists on the Spotify platform.

To be followed, some indications and the procedure to follow in order to make the best use of this new feature.

How to do it?

Once you’ve released your single or album with Wiseband, just go to your Spotify for Artists account and go to the Catalog tab. If you don’t have access to your artist page yet, click here.

From your tracks, select the one you’d like to submit to the Spotify teams.

Afterwards, fill in the essential information that characterizes the selected piece!  In order to appear in a playlist that suits you – the musical style – the type(s) of instrument(s) – the mood of the instrument etc.

On Upcoming, you’ll see your future nugget and the “Get heard by our editors” button.

Once you’ve completed these steps. All you need to do is be patient and wait for your track to appear in one of the many official Spotify playlists.

What you need to know

The procedure for submitting the piece must be completed at least seven days before the release date (a delay of three weeks is preferable).
Please note that you can only submit one track at a time. So make sure you select your best song to maximize your chances of being selected. As soon as your song is released, you will be able to submit a new unreleased track.

Now you’ve discovered the tips on how to get an official Spotify playlist!

See you soon, and to discover all our other tips it’s here!

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