Wiseband’s offer for India – Free lifetime Spotify distribution!

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Is Sufiyana your style or raag Bhairavi you have mastered? Is the tabla your passion or a guitar you like to rock? We want it all! We want to listen to your music, groove to it and take the whole world along!

Wiseband is coming to India and we are looking for fifty best artists / bands to offer our distribution services – for as long as they wish to make music!

Yes, you read it right. No matter what your style or genre is; all you have to do is:

1) make a free account with us at http://www.wiseband.com/admin/register.php?lang=en

2) Provide us with your song or album.

We will listen to all the music we receive, and select fifty best candidates for a lifelong free distribution offer and put their music across various platforms such as Spotify.

Check out the short video on how to make an account and upload your tracks on our platform. The videos are also available on our new page www.wiseband.in

हिंदी में देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये:

Do you have any questions? Check our homepage for more details or send me a message!

Puneet Bharill
Head of Marketing 
T: +49 152 2587 5757 
E: puneet@wiseband.com 
Wiseband | Steinstr. 22 50676 Cologne, Germany

New Streaming Statistics

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We just published the statistics page on your Wiseboard, menu “My Account” or “more details” below the daily streams section, in order to provide with detailed statistics of your distributions on streaming platforms.

This page gives you details of streams by Artist (for Label accounts) and track, over platforms, country, usage (free/premium) and gender.
You can select a period then click on RESET pour reload the stats, also to reset after selecting an Artist or Track.

For now only Spotify, Deezer and Apple music are available, for the 60 last days.
We’re going to add other platforms as soon as their API are available.

We hope that this will be usefull to track your promotions impact on platforms and countries, and your comments are really welcome to tell which type of stats we should add, for exemple : sales (partly available from the Sales tab), fans (on Wiseband along with your social networks) or visits on your shop.



How to improve your Deezer profile

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How to ?

Send us a message at contact@wiseband.com with the following informations :

Capture d’écran 2017-06-29 à 15.08.57  
– Link to artist page on Deezer

– Banner: 1800×230 – max file: 6MB

The essential image / wording should be concentrated either in the centre, far left or far right, to be viewable in full on small screens.

– Profile pictures: 500×500 – max file 3MB

If a banner is uploaded, the profile picture disappears from the web artist page.
However, the picture will be displayed on mobile, in the charts, on user profiles etc…

– Facebook page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)

– Twitter page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)

– Bios : No length restrictions. Can be provided in as many languages as there are on the service.

– Playlists: Max 2 playlists can be displayed on the profile.

Legal notice

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