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Packs options in Wiseband allow to sell packages at a unit price still managing availability of items in stock.
In the screen Products / Catalog, create a new item from “multi” or pack type. It’s still possible to change an item’s type by clicking on the type name at the bottom left.wb-creationpack1


Then in the item’s options, click in the “bundle” select area, and choose from the items list the ones to include in the pack.



Weight and available quantity of the bundle are calculated from sngle items from the pack, an are the ones applying in the order cart. If one item from the pack is available without stock management, the pack will be available whatever the quantity available for this product (for example while waiting for restocking or product releasing). When a model type product is added to a pack, the pack’s models are automatically created from the item’s models. Changes to the item’s models are not possible then, unless deleting the product from the pack and adding it later (previous pack’s models are deleted in that case).

For Artists and Labels using or stocking and fulfilment services, update of inventory quantities are always done by Wiseband when receiving the products. However it’s still possible to sell products by setting then as “available” without stocks management.

For Artists and Labels dealing with fulfilment by themselves and wishing to use our advanced stocks management options, a custom setting has to be added to their Pro Wiseband account. Contact for this.

Spread Your Music on Shazam

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Artists and Labels using Wiseband services have now the opportunity to submit their music on Shazam, the musical recognition platform. 

logo Shazam

You’re listening a song but you have no ideas about who’s singing, Shazam is made for you ! You just have to launch Shazam et you’ll get all informations of the song you’re listening (artist(s), album, year of production, label, biography & style). This partnership will clearly increase artist exposure through giving the ability to Shazam’s users to discover artists distributed by Wiseband.  Of course, each artist is free to choose this platform.

In few seconds of listening, the platform recognizes the song.

Once the song founded, users can :

– Buy the song thanks to direct links to Amazon or Google Play

– Listen the song in streaming on Spotify ou Rdio

– Sing along the song with displayed lyrics

– Share this song on different social networks 

– Watch videos linked to this song on Youtube.

– Book concert tickets

– Have a list of similar artists

Moreover, on you can see all artists you’ve “shazamed”and you can also be informed of world musical trends.


How artists get paid ? 

Shazam is a musical recognition platform and not a musical streaming service or a musical downloading service.

Artists distribute by Wisband won’t have any royalties but being on Shazam offer big opportunities. According to the website, Shazam is used by more than 85 million of people each month. Every day, more than 15 million songs are recognized and in the last 12 months, the platform drove approximately $300million in the sale of digital songs.


You want your music get recognized by Shazam, go to “Products/Digital Distribution” of your Wiseband account, then :

– If you want to start a new distribution: Click on “Distribute an album/single on the digital platforms”

– If you’ve already distributed your music with Wiseband, click on “add/delete platforms”


Find a tutorial helping you for distributing your music on platforms :  How distribute music on platforms?

New Partnership with eMusic

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Wiseband is thrilled to announce his new partnership with eMusic, the first digital music shop and audio books.

logo eMusic




Discoveries is at the heart of the platform’s philosophy and eMusic believes that the best discoveries are unexpected. This is the reason why, eMusic analyses different users researches to provide artists suggestions adapted to anyone. With a huge music catalog, the platform is well-known to be an essential place for selling independent music.

Based in New-York with an office in London, e Music is available in United States, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and European Union.

 eMusic subscriptions is divided into 4 categories even if everyone can buy songs without any subscription : 

– eMusic Basic : $11,99 for 24 monthly downloads

– eMusic Plus : $15,99 for 34 monthly downloads

– eMusic Premium: $20,99 for 46 monthly downloads

– eMusic Fan : $31,99 + $4,00 bonus for 73 monthly downloads

Important : a free trial is available (7 days with $12,50 offered)


How to join the eMusic catalog?

On your Wiseband page click on “Products /digital Distribution” and then : 

– If you want to start a new distribution: Click on “Distribute an album/single on the digital platforms”

– If you’ve already distributed your music with Wiseband, click on “add/delete platforms”


Find a tutorial helping you for the distribution of your music on platforms :  How distribute music on platforms?


New Metronomy online store!

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If you are looking to purchase the new Metronomy album on Deluxe Vinyl edition, all over print Tee shirt, sunglasses..
the band just launched their new store !



Metronomy new store



With another 3 years passed since their “English riviera” masterpiece , Metronomy arrives with another rearview glance at pop and rock history, aging backwards into a space between late psych and early glam with a bit of  Kinks mixed with a flavor of mature indie-dance. With a sharp edge and meticulous production and already gearing up for the charts, Love letters could possibly be the essential pop record of the summer.

Collectors packs including Deluxe vinyl (+free CD), all over print tee shirts as well as previous releases  and merchandising are available directly from the band’s website . Right after completing your order you will receive a download link for every LP/CD purchase.

 Metronomy’s online store is powered by Wiseband and we are very proud to start shipping worldwide a first palet 

palet Metronomy


of  Deluxe 180 gram Vinyl (with CD enclosed)    

embossed cover + poster included (lyrics )


Love letters 

Whether we are shipping near or far we take extra care of  packaging conditions and you can choose from a serie of convenient shipping and delivery options dedicated to vinyls. Wiseband will ship your orders and our rock solid customer service will send confirmation e-mail and handle any question or claim.

Congratulations to all Metronomy’s fans who bought their Lps online from the band’s website!

You can get your copie now from  and  Because Music shop


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