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Founded in 1996 by Marc Thonon, the independent Label Atmosphériques is well known for his eclecticism. From pop/rock to electro music, the Label work with a broad range of artists.  Louis ChedidAs Animals, Malo’Didier Wampas, Charlie Winston, Medi or Rivière Noire are working with the Label.

The new website is online with an online-shop provided by Wiseband :



New Wiseband partnership

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Wiseband is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Cover Art Factory platform

– What is Cover Art Factory ?

Cover Art Factory provides graphic design services to the music and media industry. Customers include record labels, media companies and DIY artists.

– How it works ?

Cover Art Factory offers customized, high quality, digital cover art – whether you work for a record label or you’re a DIY artist. Upload a photo, enter your info and within 48 hours our design team will deliver your new cover art into your inbox. All without breaking the bank – or breaking a sweat. 

> visit , and use your 20% OFF discount code shown on your Wiseband dashboard or by contacting us !!

Conseils pour votre emailing

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Quelques conseils pour que votre campagne (newsletter, email marketing) évite d’atterrir directement dans les spams de vos destinataires :

Sujet :
– Certains mots augmentent la probabilité que l’email soit du spam : viagra, gratuit, promotion…
– Éviter les majuscules, les symboles ou ponctuation abusive (!!!), les phrases non structurées

Corps du message :

=> images :
– ne pas redimensionner les images dans le code html, mettre immédiatement l’image à la bonne taille, définir toujours la hauteur et la largeur

– la plupart des clients emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) bloquent l’affichage des images à l’ouverture du mail, pensez donc toujours à remplir les balises “alt” et “title” de vos images, à mettre éventuellement des légendes…

=> texte :
– ne pas mettre tout le texte en majuscules

=> ratio texte/image :
– essayer de respecter la ratio max 50% image / 50% texte. Trop d’images risques d’envoyer votre mail directement en spam.


Mode Avancé :

– utiliser du CSS en ligne et non du CSS externe ni du CSS interne

– mettre l’attribut BORDER à 0 et renseigner l’attribut « display: block »

Send a promotional campaign (newsletter, email marketing)

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Our new sending tool for promotion campaign (newsletters, email marketing) arrived.


Any Wiseband account gives you access to this service, from free account to the Premium account. If you have an artist account, enjoy the 500 offered emails every month, 5 000 emails if you have a Pro account and 25 000 for the Premium account.

To use it, check on the page “Fans/Emailing” then click on “create a campaign”.

Step 1: The campaign creationCapture d’écran 2015-06-01 à 16.55.27


Enter :

– the sender’s name (ex : your artist’s or label’s name)

– your email address

Be careful, the email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, are not allowed. If you don’t have any email address valid, Wiseband can create for you, an address for free.

– then, the subject of the message.


 So that your campaign does not end up in the spam box because of a bad subject or a bad email body text, follow our few advices here:



Step 2: Edit your campaign

On the page “Campaign creation” you can edit your news, with the edit toolbar (bold, center, table, colors, etc). You can also enter your own HTML code by clicking on the button “Source code”.

The button “Lien Newsletter” allows you to add a visualization link of the newsletter on Wiseband (to allow the receivers of your email to read your news on web page. Exemple).

If you have already created a “promo operation” (using the page “pomotion / promo operation”), a drop-down list appears under the edition block. From this point, you can choose the promo operation then click on the button bouton_codepromo in the edition block, and it will add the code {CODE_PROMO} in the body text. this code will be replaced automatically by a promo code during the campaign sending. Thus, if you have selected a promo operation like “a different code for  each user”, then every campaign receiver will get a different promo code automativcally, instead of the code {CODE_PROMO}.

   Capture d’écran 2015-06-01 à 16.58.43


Step 3 : Selection of fans

 Your campaign is ready, you just have to choose your receivers.

  Capture d’écran 2015-06-02 à 18.42.08

With Wiseband, you can choose among the list of your fans (who registered with the registration form to your newsletter, your page, during a purchase in your e-shop, to get access to a free download on Facebook etc).

Moreover, you can choose to send your campaign to a selection of buyers. For example, the buyers who registered but did not finished their order, those who bought your first album (and announce that you get a new record out!).

If you have a Pro or Premium account, you can also choose:

  • to send your campaign to all the buyers who ordered something, or not, on the artists e-shop of your label,

  • send a campaign to the fans or buyers among a selection of bands (by entering the name of your label’s bands in “additional group”)


Step 4 : Test & sending of your campaign

This is the last step before the sending! From this page, you can send test emails to your psersonal addresses, so that you can check that everything is OK.

You just have to “send” to the list of your fans you have chosen. Your campaign will be sent automatically. We send batch emails, so that they do not arrive in the spam box. According to the number of fans you send your campaign, a few minutes be allowed between the first email and the last one.

 Capture d’écran 2015-06-01 à 17.02.38



Step 5: The campaign stats

Wiseband enables you to know :

– the number of opened emails,

– the number of click and the email address of the people who clicked,

– the number of emails reported as “Blocked” (when someone click on the button “report as spam” or “junk mail”). This number must be as small as possible, otherwise your Internet address will be reported as spam sender!  

– the number of error emails (“Bounce”), for example a wrong inbox, full, non-existent etc.

– the number of emails sent, which corresponds to the total number of sent emails, minus the Bounce emails, minus the blocked emails before the sending (so, not sent) because our sending system detected that these email addresses have been wrong during a previous sending.

  Capture d’écran 2015-06-01 à 17.06.42


Step 6: Return of a campaign

You can also send back an email campaign. It will be send to the new registrants only, not those who already received the campaign.

Some examples of how to use a return campaign:

– You created a buyers campaign which concerned the buyers who gave up their purchase before the payment step. Thus, every week you will just have to click on “send” and the campaign will be send back to the new buyers who did not pay for their shopping cart (this called email remarketing in the e-business language).

– You created a campaign who gives your new fans access to your content (free donwload, promo code, etc). This campaign will be only send back to the last registrants.

 Capture d’écran 2015-06-01 à 17.10.08



See you soon ! 

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