Digital Royalties : Where do they come from ?

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Dear digital musicians, 

Before starting a digital distribution, you’re always asking yourself : “On which music platforms my song will be the most listened ?”, or not ?

For the first time, you’ll have an idea about your question. It’s important to notice that, this article is an extract from my work The New Music Economy (David Raimbaud, 2014) and deals with Artists and Labels distributed by Wiseband. It doesn’t give informations about tarification policy of platforms or give any conclusions about wages of independent Artists or Labels. It helps you to understand the distribution of artists’ royalties distributed by Wiseband. 

The goal is to give you a screenshot of the artists’ revenue structure from Wiseband. 

Distribution of royalties-platforms wp

 chart made by David Raimbaud from Wiseband’s data

« Others » are : Google Play, Qobuz, Virgin Mega, Qriocity (SMU), Rhapsody, eMusic, 7Digital, Starzik, OVI Nokia, Rara and Simfy.

What we learn is that the majority of royalties are coming from a minority of platforms. Indeed, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Youtube represent 86% of Royalties. If we add Amazon, those five platforms concentrate 94% of total Royalties.

This study shows us the oligopolistic part of the market where a few number of platforms concentrate the major revenues of the industry. The “Others” platforms represent only 6% of total Royalties. 

Hope that this chart will help you to understand your future royalties with Wiseband.

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Shop Label Atmosphériques

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Founded in 1996 by Marc Thonon, the independent Label Atmosphériques is well known for his eclecticism. From pop/rock to electro music, the Label work with a broad range of artists.  Louis ChedidAs Animals, Malo’Didier Wampas, Charlie Winston, Medi or Rivière Noire are working with the Label.

The new website is online with an online-shop provided by Wiseband :



New Wiseband partnership

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Wiseband is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Cover Art Factory platform

– What is Cover Art Factory ?

Cover Art Factory provides graphic design services to the music and media industry. Customers include record labels, media companies and DIY artists.

– How it works ?

Cover Art Factory offers customized, high quality, digital cover art – whether you work for a record label or you’re a DIY artist. Upload a photo, enter your info and within 48 hours our design team will deliver your new cover art into your inbox. All without breaking the bank – or breaking a sweat. 

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