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  • Tidal : a new digital platform available on Wiseband

    From now on, you can distribute your music on the Jay-Z’s platform : Tidal.         In addition to the streaming devices (smartphone, tablet, PC / MAC), Tidal is compatible with audio system partners, like Sonos.  The platform that belongs to Jay-Z has been launched at the end of 2014 year, by the Swedish group Aspiro AB. This group ... read more...
  • Vendez votre musique sur Apple Music

    La plateforme Apple Music rejoint l’offre de distribution digitale Wiseband.  Si le service Apple Music est basé sur le streaming avec la totalité du catalogue iTunes en écoute (30 millions de morceaux), la marque à la pomme développe également 2 autres services :   Beats 1 : il s’agit d’une web radio diffusée en direct, animée 24h/24 tout au ... read more...
  • Improve your profile in the iTunes Store

    How can you improve your profile? That is not easy as ABC to make a difference on the iTunes Store among the millions of available tracks. Using Wiseband, you can improve your artist profile using a profile picture and photo galleries from here on. The profile photo is situated on the left-top and the “Gallery” tab at the right side of ... read more...
  • Streaming vs Downloading Music

    Hello the digital musicians, How the music is consuming today? Big question, isn’t it? Using a study about the artists/labels distributed by Wiseband extract from the dissertation The new music economy (David Raimbaud, 2014), I am going to give you answers. Reminder: for about 6 years, it seems that a new consumption model is looking to force slowly. ... read more...

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