Digital distribution : Amazon, new territories

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Wiseband already proposed digital distribution of your music on the US Amazon platform. With the extension of our offer you can now sell your music in new areas in addition to the United States, including France, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

What you earn :

– Your music is available on a wider territory so it is the assurance of reaching a wider audience.

How can you distribute your music on Amazon with Wiseband ?

-> Your single or album is already distributed via Wiseband and you want to add Amazon platform?

Simply go to the “Articles” page, tab “Distribution”, then click on “Summary Metadata album” and “add/delete platforms”

-> You want to start a new distribution of a single or an album?

Go to the page “Distribution”, tab “Articles”, and start a new distribution on digital platforms by clicking on “Distribute an album / single on digital platforms.” Follow the steps and you will be able to choose “Amazon” as a platform you want to be distribute on.


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8Th Grade Essay Writing Samples

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