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rouageWe’re facing some issues in the Yozik to Wiseband switch. Your new admin Wiseband admin panel will be online tomorrow or thursday april th, thus you’are able to access to your Yozik account right now.

The Wiseband dev team.

Transfer of the Yozik accounts to Wiseband

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ON April 3rd, your YOZIK account will be transferred on www.wiseband.com

After several months of hard work, our new interface is ready !

In order to prepare the opening of Wiseband and the transfer of all your datas, you will not be able to connect  to your Yozik administration interface the entire day of tuesday April 2nd.

You will be able to access your account on Wednesday April  3rd from 9 a.m  from wwww.wiseband.com.

Your login (e-mail address) and password will remain unchanged.


This transfer will have no effect on your items already put on sale (e-shop, digital distribution) :

– The day of April 2nd, your items will be available normally for purchase from your cart and shops already on the Internet. 

– The Yozik sale ans shops links you have already published will send back automatically towards Wiseband links. So, you will not be obliged to update all the links that we’ve provided you.


From the 3rd of April, you will have access to our new interface. It will be in “beta” until the official launch on April 20th. Thus, during this period, the interface may present some “failures” and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. You will also see new pages and new features which we hope will seduce you.

If you notice a problem on the webiste or if you want to send us your comments, please contact us at contact@wiseband.com

Find all the news about Wiseband on blog.wiseband.com

Should you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Grow your fans and sales in Europe

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Wiseband makes the merchandising logistics easy from this distance and is a game changer”

procussions logo

American hip hop group based in Los Angeles the Procussions have been touring extensively in Europe lately where they returned to promote their latest album. Having used Diy tools and services for a long time, Jason Medeiros explains his vision and how they managed to grow their fan base and sales in Europe.


What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the music industry in your 15 years as an artist?

Artists are truly independent now, functioning as a small business. Artists need to know as much as possible about their fan base and how to reach them. Artists must also look for new and creative ways to promote themselves as the rise of the independents have also given way to it’s overconsumption.





What would you say are the key talents/skills to develop a career in music today ?

Connecting directly with fans and developing a more personal relationship with them. Also, maintaining a solid stream of promotion via new music, products, and/or innovative ways of creating interest in their music.


You seem to have an innovative business approach. What do you expect from a complete solution to make your music and art available to your fans on internet ?

Artists need to work with one-stop solutions, the pace of the industry is a lot faster now and the multi-tasking element is essential, doing more in one place- efficiently and effectively is key. Having a variety of merchandise options available with a quick turn around time is important and it’s a must that one has the proper social tools to make their fan base aware of them.


procussions badges


Can you tell us how Wiseband has helped you develop your fan base and sales in Europe and in France?

Having a relationship with a distributor/merchant/manufacture has been extremely advantageous and cost effective. Wiseband makes the merchandising logistics easy from this distance and it saves us a lot of money. Shipping items from the States to Europe was a heavy responsibility which took away from revenue, having these items available upon getting off the plane is a game changer.


procussins hoodiesWhat are you looking forward the most in the future and what can we expect from the Procussions in 2014

We hope to be reaching more fans, staying afloat in the ever changing waters of this industry, connecting music to ears, and having fun doing it.



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5 questions to Ellie Chandler. Piano Classics label manager.

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” What I love about Wiseband is that they do it all for you! “


What are the main changes you have noticed in the industry in your years as a label manager? 

CD sales are very, very bad. They have dramatically dropped in the last 3  years. Most distributors only work on consignment now -no one wants the risk of firm sale / sale or return. It’s more important than ever to get directly in touch with your customers. Cut out the middle man! There is always a more direct route to market.

What would you say are the key talents to develop a record label and what advices would you give?

My advice? Don’t do it! If you do want to do it, be prepared to be innovative. Don’t be afraid to make up new rules.

Diversify the services you offer! Selling music might not be enough anymore. There are NO rules. If you want to have a particular sound and you’re worried that it’s not “professional” enough, don’t worry about it. Be incredibly proactive and make remixes of existing tracks to send to labels. Build up your own collective around you.

What do you expect from a complete solution to sell your catalogue on the Internet? Which tools and service would you need in priority?

It needs to be as user friendly as possible. No one has the time, patience or expertise to do anything more than upload and copy & paste. What I love about Wiseband is that they do it all for you! It would need to give me complete control over my music and how it is displayed, formatted etc. It allows a more direct route to your customer as well. Simply putting the music online isn’t enough.

Do you see label to fans direct selling becoming a major income in the future?

Yes definitely. The margins are a lot better than selling as export. Plus, every time you sell a CD you’re marketing further for the company!

What can we expect from Piano Classics this year and what are you most looking fowrard to in 2013?

More direct selling to fans and building up a killer mailing list!


Piano Classics presentation


Piano Classics is a new label dedicated to solo piano and piano concerto recordings. The label was launched in March 2011, and aims to create a comprehensive piano library of classic archive performances, and new recordings by the world’s most exciting young and established pianists.

Last November Piano Classics announced the addition of a new ‘E-Boutique‘. Album or single downloads, as well as physical CD, may be purchased. Shortly after the label made its whole catalogue available worldwide digitally through Wiseband music services. Everyone can now buy, listen, stream singles or albums on all key platforms (Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, 7digital, Simfy etc..) January will see the release of two further titles, including a 3 CD Chopin box set by celebrated pianist Yuan Sheng, and a double CD showcasing the formidable talents of Ivan Sokolov playing Ustvolskaya.


Interview by Podbulb.

Many thanks to Ellie Chandler, Piano Classics



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