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To celebrate the music festival on June 21st Wiseband is happy to supply the distribution of a free album on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Qobuz etc.. To do this, simply open an artist account for free on June 21st only!

Your Artist account will be activated for 7 days and during this period you will be able to proceed with the distribution of your album on the various platforms.In order to do this, nothing more simple,  just create your album on the “Products / Catalogue” page, then put in in distribution from the ‘Products / Distribution ” menu. After 7 days, you will always have access to your “Free Account” on the Wiseband Web interface so that you will be able to track your sales, use our players, etc..

 To take full advantage of all the features offered by Wiseband you can also easily extend your account or switch to Pro Artist account and enjoy many services, such as creating coupon codes, inventory management, selling your CDs, vinyl, t-shirts on your own web shop and marketplaces (Amazon, Priceminister, Fnac), etc..

 Rendez-vous June 21st on www.wiseband.com, get ready!

Disquaire Day – The french “Record Store Day” – April, 20th 2013

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Disquaire Day – April, 20th 2013



The event : 

The french «Record Store Day » will be on next Saturday ! This event inspired from UK & US is now gathering more than 200 record shops in France. Wiseband is partnership of the “Disquaire Day” and will officialy launch the new platform of services for artists at this date. This event is a real opportunity to look after items which still miss to your collection or to buy some collector editions of vinyls and records.


Piers Faccini will present an exclusive 45rpm vinyl introducing his next album, the french label of groove music  Heavenly Sweetness ( for wich Wiseband realizes the e-shop ) will present 3 records : a magnificent 12inch Split picture disc of Guts and Jacaranda Muse, one 45rpm of Rongetz Foundation in association with the hip-hop producer which goes up Blanka and one 45rpm of Blundetto who had not release any tracks for months. All this exclusive vinyls will be out in very limited quantities on Saturday morning at your record store, there will be not for everybody !


And thanks to the artist’s e-shops developed by Wiseband, you will get access to all albums or merchandising from their own websites for the entire year. It is also the opportunity to discover the services proposed by Wiseband to make merchandising and create e-shops for the artists and the labels.


 Merchandising of the “Disquaire Day”

If you want to get the T-shirt, the Tote Bag and the collector plectrum of the 2013 Disquaire Day edition, take a look at the official e-shop here : http://www.disquaireday.fr/shop


The closing party of the Disquaire Day :

On Saturday, April 20th, 2013 / La Gaité Lyrique – Paris / 8:00 pm

The closing party of the Disquaire Day will take place with the support of the City hall of Paris, the radios France Inter and Le Mouv. This will be on invitations only, to get in record stores or to win with partners. Line-up : Alex Beaupain, Christine and the Queens, Girls in Hawaï, Lilly Wood and The Prick, Rubin Steiner and Wax Tailor (more information here).

Go to Wiseband’s TWEETER to win you invitations ! ( only limited quantities )

Wiseband’s official release :

Have a nice “Disquaire Day” on Saturday and do not forget to come to test the new platform Wiseband which will be on-line at this date, create your account and return your comments on the blog ! Click here to create your account !


The Wiseband Team

Bye Yozik, hello Wiseband

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I say hello to all Wiseband artists and labels users.

We closes yozik.com and redirected all content to www.wiseband.com.

This applies to all shops, carts playes and musical content since yesterday.

And admin console since today, you can now sign in to your new  platform.

We’re really excited to read your impressions and feedback, feel free to write them as comments to this post or twitt @wiseband

Beyond the new interface, this is a big infrastructure moove for us, which will let us bring you better services and a lot of new functionalities that you’ll be able to discover from april the 20th, date of the end of beta version.

Until there, I wish a good WE to the wiseband dev team @gotsky, @quentinf_@webamish and @Ron_Moor

Henri Pierre @moussehp

Wiseband interface

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After sevral months of hard work, the Wiseband interface is online! 

For the former Yozik users and for all the new Wiseband users, here is a short preview of our new management console. 

  • Dashboard : The Wise-board

The Wise-board enables you to follow the evolution of your Wiseband account. So, you can consult informations about your account (expiration date, disc storage available), the last moves operated on your account, for examples your new sales, your new fans, your last listening… You also can see on that dashboard the last digital distributions you did, your last fans’ messages.

The Wise-board also permits a direct access to Wiseband main services such as the creation of a new item, creation of an e-shop…as well as an access to Wiseband blog and its numerous posts. 


  • “My account” Page :

The “My account” page groups together all the information linked to your Wiseband account :  your account settings, your payment options, the different groups you manage (for Label accounts) but also the options linked to the users of the Wiseband account.


  • “Items” Page :

The “Items” page groups together several actions. So, from this page you can create the items you want to sell : tab “Catalog”. The “Files” tab centralizes all the files you had loaded on your Wiseband account while creating your items.


Your “Shop” tab gives you the possibility to create a customizable e-shop that you can insert on your website or on your Facebook page. The “Items” page also gives you the possibility to distribute your music on the digital platforms by going on the “Digital distribution”  tab.

shopdigital distribution

  • “Promotion” Page :

You can manage from this page several tools that will help you to do your promotion : create a music player to share, create promo codes.


  • “Fans” Page :

The “Fans” page of your Wiseband account gives you the possibility to create an easy registration to your newsletter. It is also a means for you to collect a fan base (e-mails, names…). You also can generate this fans list in .txt format.


  • “Sales” Page :

This page gives you access to a management interface of your orders (“Order” tab),


a “sales” tab that enables you to follow your sales.


Last but not least, a “Payment” tab permits you to ask for the payment of your sales directly on your bank account or your Paypal account.


Find more details about our Wiseband services and their use on our blog, heading “tutorial“.


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