Improve your profile in the iTunes Store

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How can you improve your profile?

That is not easy as ABC to make a difference on the iTunes Store among the millions of available tracks.

Using Wiseband, you can improve your artist profile using a profile picture and photo galleries from here on.

The profile photo is situated on the left-top and the “Gallery” tab at the right side of “Music”:

Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 11.55.42

How can you add a profile picture and photo galleries?

Just send us an e-mail attachment all of the pictures you want to add at the address contact@wiseband.

The pictures have to be square-shaped in .jpg or .png format, at least 1200×1200 (dot pitch), RGB color, at least 72 DPI.

Optional, you can add the following informations for every image: Images Credits / Location / Artist Name / Date

As an example :

Image Credits: © Mauro Balletti / AM Publishing / Icon Records France
Location: Milan (Italy)
Artist Name: Nyls
Date: 06/30/2012
Do the same as Nyls !!
Capture d’écran 2015-04-07 à 12.08.20
We charge this service 10€ including tax. We will send you a link for the payment after we have received your email. 
See you soon on Wiseband 

Streaming vs Downloading Music

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Hello the digital musicians,

How the music is consuming today? Big question, isn’t it?

Using a study about the artists/labels distributed by Wiseband extract from the dissertation The new music economy (David Raimbaud, 2014), I am going to give you answers.

Reminder: for about 6 years, it seems that a new consumption model is looking to force slowly. It is not about downloading music but to listen to it via the streaming audio without limitations, available on several medias (computers, smartphones, tablets). From the sales report on april 2014, let’s see which of the streaming or the downloading influences most your digital incomes.

Streaming-vs-Download english final

It turns out that the streaming audio is the dominant consumption pattern. It represents almost 60% of the total revenues. The incomes of the artists and labels distributed by Wiseband confirm the actual trend observed with both IFPI (at the world level) and SNEP (at the national level) that the access is preferred over the property in the way of listening to music.

 So, do not neglect the platforms of streaming when you select the digital platforms on which your music will appear. 

On which platform can we distribute you?

Streaming : Deezer, Spotify, Youtube, Rhapsody, Qriocity, Simfy, Rara and eMusic

Download : iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and Starzik

Hybrid plateforms (Streaming & Download) : OVI Nokia, Google Play and Qobuz

Platform of musical recognition : Shazam

Open an Artist account or a Pro / Label account from now on and get one digital distribution for free to distribute an album or a single on the platforms.

If you already have an account, please visit the page “Products” > “Digital Distribution” of your Wiseband account to start the single/album distribution process.

See you soon,


Digital Royalties : Where do they come from ?

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Dear digital musicians, 

Before starting a digital distribution, you’re always asking yourself : “On which music platforms my song will be the most listened ?”, or not ?

For the first time, you’ll have an idea about your question. It’s important to notice that, this article is an extract from my work The New Music Economy (David Raimbaud, 2014) and deals with Artists and Labels distributed by Wiseband. It doesn’t give informations about tarification policy of platforms or give any conclusions about wages of independent Artists or Labels. It helps you to understand the distribution of artists’ royalties distributed by Wiseband. 

The goal is to give you a screenshot of the artists’ revenue structure from Wiseband. 

Distribution of royalties-platforms wp

 chart made by David Raimbaud from Wiseband’s data

« Others » are : Google Play, Qobuz, Virgin Mega, Qriocity (SMU), Rhapsody, eMusic, 7Digital, Starzik, OVI Nokia, Rara and Simfy.

What we learn is that the majority of royalties are coming from a minority of platforms. Indeed, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Youtube represent 86% of Royalties. If we add Amazon, those five platforms concentrate 94% of total Royalties.

This study shows us the oligopolistic part of the market where a few number of platforms concentrate the major revenues of the industry. The “Others” platforms represent only 6% of total Royalties. 

Hope that this chart will help you to understand your future royalties with Wiseband.

See you soon,





Spread Your Music on Shazam

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Artists and Labels using Wiseband services have now the opportunity to submit their music on Shazam, the musical recognition platform. 

logo Shazam

You’re listening a song but you have no ideas about who’s singing, Shazam is made for you ! You just have to launch Shazam et you’ll get all informations of the song you’re listening (artist(s), album, year of production, label, biography & style). This partnership will clearly increase artist exposure through giving the ability to Shazam’s users to discover artists distributed by Wiseband.  Of course, each artist is free to choose this platform.

In few seconds of listening, the platform recognizes the song.

Once the song founded, users can :

– Buy the song thanks to direct links to Amazon or Google Play

– Listen the song in streaming on Spotify ou Rdio

– Sing along the song with displayed lyrics

– Share this song on different social networks 

– Watch videos linked to this song on Youtube.

– Book concert tickets

– Have a list of similar artists

Moreover, on you can see all artists you’ve “shazamed”and you can also be informed of world musical trends.


How artists get paid ? 

Shazam is a musical recognition platform and not a musical streaming service or a musical downloading service.

Artists distribute by Wisband won’t have any royalties but being on Shazam offer big opportunities. According to the website, Shazam is used by more than 85 million of people each month. Every day, more than 15 million songs are recognized and in the last 12 months, the platform drove approximately $300million in the sale of digital songs.


You want your music get recognized by Shazam, go to “Products/Digital Distribution” of your Wiseband account, then :

– If you want to start a new distribution: Click on “Distribute an album/single on the digital platforms”

– If you’ve already distributed your music with Wiseband, click on “add/delete platforms”


Find a tutorial helping you for distributing your music on platforms :  How distribute music on platforms?


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